How to Create Screen Off Memo

How to create screen off memo – this is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Manual Screen Off memo. You can quickly create memos by writing on the Note 7 screen without turning on it. Samsung has made the tip of the Note 7 S Pen much smaller than others model. The  the Note 7’s S Pen is just 0.7 mm. This is the best note 7 features to make up for the smaller tip, Samsung doubled the number of pressure levels from 2,048 (Note 5) to 4,096 (Note 7). You can change the way Note 7 Writing out of the S Pen with various levels of pressure.

How to create screen off memo

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge Tutorial

When the screen is off, detach the S Pen and write a memo Note 7. You can extend the page by tapping . Tap SAVE or reinsert the  Note7 S Pen into the slot. Then, the memo will be saved in Samsung Note 7.

Samsung Note 7 Tutorial Quickly erase mistakes
Event more creating notes or sketching, you can press and hold the button on the side of the S Pen Note 7 to turn the tip into an eraser. Once you’ve gotten rid of your mistake, let go of the button and continue writing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Manual and Tutorial

Here the Note7 Tutorial to create a memo :

  1. To make a Galaxy Note 7 memo available to view when the screen is off, tap . The pinned memo will be displayed with the time and date information.
  2. To minimise the memo, double-tap with your finger. Double-tap with your finger to view the memo without turning on the screen.
  3. To view memos, open the Apps screen and tap Samsung Notes → CATEGORIES → Screen off memo.
  • If this feature is not activated, open the Apps screen, tap Settings → Advanced features → S Pen, and then tap the Screen off memo switch to activate it.
  • If you do not perform any actions for one hour after opening a memo, the memo will be automatically minimised.
  • Even if you have already pinned a memo to view when the screen is off, you can create a new screen off memo after detaching the S Pen from the slot.
  • You cannot edit a pinned memo when the screen is off. To edit the memo, launch Samsung Notes.

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